Super Cheesy

Super Cheesy

  • 3g NET CARBS*
  • 12g PROTEIN^
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Miss the good ‘ol days of delicious cheesedust on your fingers? Bite into real almonds, crispy cheddar cheese & zesty cheese seasoning all in a 3g net carb pack!
Each package contains:
6 x 42g packs of SUPER CHEESY

*2g Net Carbs = 3g Total Carbs - 1g Fiber
*3g Net Carbs = 5g Total Carbs - 2g Fiber
*4g Net Carbs = 6g Total Carbs - 2g Fiber

*There is no FDA regulated definition of a keto diet. A keto dietary pattern is typically lower in carbohydrates and higher in total fat than the US dietary guidelines. See nutrition information to determine if our Hilo Life products fit with your lifestyle.

† Not a low calorie food. See nutrition information for total sugar and calorie content.

^See nutrition for fat, saturated fat and sodium content.

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